Sunday, 23 June 2013

June And A Whole Lot Of Rain

In the last few weeks it has been wet and cold. The rain has seemed never ending and the river continues to rise and become increasingly dirty. I had ventured a few times to the river to do some close to shore fishing as fish push in right along the banks during the high fast water. While most anglers stay sheltered and dry away from the rain, my friends and I throw on our waders and rain jackets and head out to the lakes to do some pike fishing! We had spent a couple days at different lakes and had great success. Its this time of year that we explore the lakes around Calgary for many different species from pike, brook trout to artic grayling.
High muddy water Burbot
Rainbow caught a foot off the bank
Lake View
Exploring some new water
Jeff with a pike
Me with a future 40"
Photo from Zach Southgate

When the sun finally came out, the water dropped and cleared, so we decided to take the boat out and toss some streamers along the banks of the river. Our aggressive stripping of lines left us with fresh line cuts on our fingers that reminded us of what we were to expect over the next few months of streamer fishing. The day started off pretty slow but it wasn't long before we had some hits from some gorgeous healthy browns that were willing to aggressively charge our flies.

Jeff and Zach with a beautiful Brown
Blue cheeked Brown

Zach with a Hog!

Before long it is Fathers Day weekend and I decide to grab the boat and take my dad down the river in hopes of him hooking into a few fish . The afternoon was warm up until we got hit by gusty winds and a downpour from a thunderhead that was passing overhead. After about half an hour the rain died down and we were only left with strong winds that would come and go throughout the rest of the time we spent on the water. My dad had hooked into a few feisty rainbows so it to turned out to be a great Fathers Day.

Me and my dad on Fathers's Day