Monday, 11 March 2013

Warmer Days Ahead

Its been one of those weeks where I constantly found myself staring out the window watching each snowflake as it makes its way to the ground, only adding to what has already fallen. I feel like the child I once was, watching and waiting till the rain stoped so that I could make my way back outside. This week the weather did not seem to want to cooperate and had me waiting for warmer days. I have never minded fishing in the cold, but when the river is full of slush it can make wetting a line a bit more difficult than usual. On days like these I find myself still wandering down to the river to take photos, anxiously anticipating springs arrival.

As the weekend rolls closer it seems as if these colder temperatures have  pushed on through and warmer weather has arrived once again. A quick glance out the window, and before you know it I have my rod and waders in hand, and I am out the door heading towards the banks of the Bow.Its days like these that I take for granted and appreciate them the best way I know how, and that is with my feet in the water.The sun is warm on my face but my hands become chilled, from each fish that I have released back into the water to swim free once again. As the sun begins to set, my fingers and toes become numb, and I make my way out of the water, and onto the snow covered path that I had arrived on. With the day ending I feel content with time well spent on the water.