Friday, 17 May 2013

Trip to BC

I has been hard to find the time to update my blog the last couple of weeks, It seems as soon as I get home I'm out the door on another road trip to another destination unable to sit down and write.

I have always considered British Columbia my second home, the deep green forests and streams that lace their way through the mountains and down to the coast has always given me a sense of bliss that keeps me coming back. A few weeks ago I made my way out to the west coast to visit with my family and of course get some fishing in with friends for some wild BC steelhead. The weekend of April 5 was the Cast and Blast Event in Squamish, put on by Brian Niska of Whistler Fly Fishing. Lisa had driven up from Washington to meet at my families place for the night so that we could get an early start on the road and make it up to Squamish by mid morning. We made it early enough that we were able to meet up with Adrienne and fish a couple runs before most people would start to show up. By the time we made it back to the event site there was a great turn out of people. Old friends were greeted with hugs and new friends were made as quick as they could introduce themselves.The weekend consisted of talented presentations of various topics by some amazing anglers. Between casting lines with drinks in hand the events progressed through out the days and  in the to nights. Everyone had a great time and were involved in all the festivities.  With such late nights it was a surprise to see most people up at sun rise ready to be on the water to get the first choice of runs. After a quick fish Sunday morning we packed up,said our goodbyes and headed over to the Fraser Rivers Edge Bed and Breakfast to visit with April and Adrienne for a much needed girls night.
The catch of the Day
Me and Ade
Photo By: Lisa Schweitzer
Sexy Staches!
Photo By: Lisa Schweitzer
Bobby, Sarah, Lisa, Me
Kurt doing some trying
Photo Taken By: Aaron Goodis
5 minute tying competition
Kurt, Mike, Ade and others

Girls Night with Ade, Lisa April, Me and of course Colby!
♫ I whip my hair back and forth! ♫

Next morning came and before the sun had a chance to peer over the mountains, I was out the door and on my way to Tswwassen for the morning ferrie ride over to Victoria. I planned to get a few days of fishing at the Cowichan River then spend a couple days in Nanaimo visiting my grandparents. While on the Cowichan a lot of the time was spent exploring the river and it surroundings. We had spotted a few fish close to shore that had partnered but they would have no interest at a fly that was presented to them.  There was to be no fish caught those couple days we had spent there, but just to be standing in the water surrounded by the lush green forests that guard the river, had made our trip.

Trying to get a peak over the falls

Before long we were back on the mainland making our way over to Chilliwack for the Michael and Young Spey Day . We arrived on the Fraser river to find lots of people and tents that had been set up to showcase all the latest rods and equipment. That day everyone  had a opportunity to test out spey rods from many different companies and have fun while doing it. I spent the day with lots of good friends laughing and  having a few drinks on the water while casting. The night started with a big bonfire with lots of old and new friends and ended with goodbyes and promises to keep in touch. Next thing I know I'm on a plane headed back to Calgary thus ending my much needed BC holiday

Andrea and Me

Francois with Hooke!

The Girls!

Brian Niska showing us how its done!

Ade tossing some longs cast

Andrea and Brian

Typical of the two of them!
Andrea  and Josh
James with some tight loops!