Sunday, 24 February 2013

Home Waters

There is something about the Bow River that is comforting to me. It could be that its my home water and that I have spent countless days and hours on it, or it might even be that constant feeling of getting away from all the busy bustle that is so closely surrounding it. You can ask any fisherman on any river and they will all give you a  reason to why we do what we do. No matter what story they tell you will always notice that there are many similarities to your own . When I walk its banks, I see many people young and old, some I have met on numerous occasions and some I am meeting for the first time. As I pass them by they gesture a friendly hello and a quick nod of the head. Sometimes they spark up a small conversation on something other then "hows the fishing?" Most people you meet on this river are genuine people and after a few exchanged words you are on your way in search of a few fish with a smile on your face.
Caity taking a few casts
-Photo taken by Adrienne Comeau

I have spent a lot of time on this river, some may argue I spend too much time fishing but I always beg to differ. All those hours I spent here have taught me more then I can even acknowledge.  Even though I have spent a large portion of time on this river  I wouldn't have the knowledge I have now if it weren't for a couple of people mentoring and teaching me to become the better angler that I am today. (You know who you are and I have the up most respect for you, Thank you! ). With everything that I have learned (and im always learning) it has given me the ability to understand and appreciate all it has to offer.

-Photo Taken by Adrienne Comeau

A very cold day but still worth it
to go fishing
There are a lot of people that hunker down for the winter waiting patiently for spring and summer to return so that they may get back out onto the water during these warmer weather months. As for myself I set my standards much lower and sacrifice my fingers toes and the rest of my body to the snow and cold that is brought on by winter temperatures. Some ask me why do I bother doing this and my response is always "We all have our reasons as to why we do what we do, but in the end it all comes down to what makes us happy".
Walking the winter banks
-Photo Taken by Adrienne Comeau

Each winter month passes, and before you know it spring is in full bloom and the blanket of snow that once so covered the ground on which you walked  has flourished into a bed of flowers. This is one of my favorite seasons to fish, as it marks the time when you are able to search for snouts that begin to make their appearances along the banks of the Bow. Every month that come and goes rewards you with a different experience, targeting supple rises along the banks, to chucking streamers from a drift boat in chase of aggressive fish. There is always so much to appreciate when you're out on the water, whatever the time of the year it is.

Justin with a sipping brown early spring
These waters have given me more then a few fish it has given me the greatest gift of all, incredible friendships with amazing memories full of smiles and laughter.Where ever your home waters may be whether they are a short walk away or as far as an overnight drive, you will find that feeling of familiarity in pulling up your waders, tightening up your boots, and making your way down to those same comforting waters that you so frequently remember!
Im a proud daughter. My dad hooking into a nice brown.
My Dad , Uncle and Me
- Photo Taken by Adrienne Comeau
Adrienne and Me
-Photo taken by Josh Nugent
- Paula xo