Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring Has Finally Arrived

   Over the past month we have had a few days of nice weather followed closely by a cold weather system. It is no shock in Calgary that one day you can be 15, and the next day -15 with a foot and a half of snow. This can make fishing here more unique then any other place in the world. As I slowly begin to put my clothes away that I once used as multiple layers to stay warm during these colder months, it dawns on me that spring has been a long awaited season, with me patiently waiting for days to get longer, and the warmer weather to be more consistent.

 The first day of spring was welcomed with the sun shining and a great day on the water fishing with friends. We fished until the sun had gone behind the mountains and we could barley see our lines, even then we took our time getting back to our vehicles. There were more then a few laughs that day, we even had a close call with a pair of sunglasses that went for a quick swim but thanks to a cold wet arm they were rescued. (your welcome Naoto :-p  )
Josh with nice Rainbow
Photo Taken by: Josh Nugent - Out Fly Fishing Outfitters

    As the week progressed it looked as if this spring weather would last more then a few days. By mid week we had decided to take out the boat for an afternoon float down the river. It had been a slow day with only a few fish landed. Finally during the late hours of the afternoon I had landed my small birthday brown trout. Josh hooked into a beautiful rainbow as the sky turned to fire from the setting sun. A great way to end the day.
Landing a birthday brown
Photo Taken By: Josh Nugent
Zach casting into the sunset
Josh and Zach

The weather looked promising the next day, so once again we decided to float the Bow with a few more friends. I was on the oars for most of the day, commencing my regime of getting into rowing shape for the summer ahead. It was a familiar feeling as if it was only yesterday that the boats had been put away for the winter season. Even though the sun was out and the air was warm, the fishing started off slow but as the second half of the day came around the fishing picked up, which led to another great day of fishing untill way past dark. To think this is only the beginning of the float season.
Collin (My Dad)  and Dean with a Double Header!
Me and Josh picking up the Nets
Photo By : Josh Nugent - Out Fly Fishing Outfitters
 Phil and Zach  (Father and Son)
with a nice rainbow!